We provide business with the Point-to-Multipoint (wireless + wired) connections you need - commercial services early, on time and within budget.
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Internet/WAN - Business
Dedicated Voice Service - Commercial
Integrated Voice and Data Service (Commercial)

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8 Mbps point to multipoint

We offer Ethernet Private Line (EPL) 3Gigs , Ethernet Over Coaxial Cable Connection 2000Mb/s , Ethernet (Copper) 500Mbps and much more in these states: Massachusetts (MA)  Alaska (AK)  Utah (UT) New York (NY)  Michigan (MI)  Indiana (IN)  Maine (ME)  Pennsylvania (PA)

Multiprotocol Label Switching Ethernet 20 Mb/s - 10Gigs Ethernet Private Line (EPL) - Ethernet Over Coaxial Connection Backup 5000 Megs - Ethernet Over Coaxial Connection 3Meg - Ethernet Virtual Private Line 250Mb - Ethernet Internet Connection 85M - Ethernet Over Copper Connection Backup 550 Megs - Point-to-Point Ethernet 850Mbps

These are just some of our business Ethernet service areas (Ethernet Over Coaxial Cable Connection Backup 950 Mbps , Ethernet Over Coaxial Cable Connection Backup 550 Megs , 250Mb EPL ):

20 Mbps Ethernet Service

Fountain Hills North Highlands Cartersville Nashville Mayfield South Portland Tupelo Middlesex Massapequa Park Bartlesville Annville Charlottesville Delafield

50 Mbps Ethernet Service, 1000 Mbps Ethernet Service

100 Mbps Ethernet Fiber

Sun City Oakdale Darien Danville Russell Anoka Bigfork Los Lunas Schenectady Wadsworth Madison Roanoke Keyser

1000 Mbps Ethernet Fiber

Commercial Wired Service

Our pros are here to help with acquiring Ethernet Over Coaxial Cable Connection Backup 950 Megs , Multiprotocol Label Switching Ethernet 700 Mbps , and/or Ethernet Internet Service Connection 85 Mb/s pricing for your business (carrier ethernet ppt - Ethernet Private Line (EPL) 550 M - Ethernet Fiber Promo 50 Mb/s ).

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